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Hôtel Paradis, Paris

Hôtel Paradis in Paris is a boutique hotel in the capital's 10th arrondissement, recently transformed by French designer Dorothée Meilichzon . Ms Meilichzon successfully combined vintage, mid-century and modern elements to create a rich interior that is high in personality. All the rooms feature hand-painted wallpaper and bespoke fabrics, beds and carpets designed by Meilichzon herself, who also designed the beautiful glass graphics in the hotel foyer.

I love all the furniture and lighting selections throughout the hotel – beautiful, classic and elegant, these pieces are instrumental in pulling the quirky and slightly off-beat look together. One bit of criticism from me – I wish all the pendants were hanging lower. They just look a bit silly sitting so high, which happens to be one of my personal pet-hates.

Anyway, if I tell you this hotel is quite affordable (rooms start from €68) perhaps you might turn a blind eye at the said pendants. Who knows, next time you're in Paris and looking for a fun and affordable place to stay, you might even chose to stay here.

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