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This Mercer Island House Stands For Dark Opulence

The owners of an 11,000 square foot home in Mercer Island, Washington, took risks in opting for a black predominating interior, having a designer to fulfill their daring wishes. It’s definitely not the typical home, but it’s, for sure, intriguing and very spectacular. Besides the heavy atmosphere created, the black and gold combination actually confers richness and glamour, the whole design taking a twist for better.

Each room makes a powerful statement, but the library is different, as it stands out for so many reasons. First it’s the double ceiling catching the eyes from the moment you step in it. Then it’s the gold spiral staircase and, finally, each element that looks like pure art. The master bedroom is nothing less, very opulent and one of the few rooms where beige takes over the black.

Art has its privileged place here, as we find many art objects and even hand painted wallpapers, adding even more drama into this fantastic decor. Lots of black, lots of patterns and lots of boldness – that’s what it takes to own such an opulent residence.

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